Parish Budget 2017/2018

The Parish Council provides and manages services at a local level; the funding for this is raised from charges, grants and the Parish precept. Unlike Borough and County Councils, Parish Councils are not subject to capping by the government.

The pie charts below show how the money is currently spent.

A significant amount of our expenditure covers the provision of sport and recreation, services and facilities that you may not know are provided by the Parish Council. Our staffing costs include a caretaker/handyman, assistant caretaker/litter picker and our Parish Clerk and 2 Assistant part time clerks. You can contact our Clerk, Len Bunn, at the Parish office located in the Recreation Centre.

Kingsnorth has grown considerably over recent years and we now have a population larger than Tenterden Town but with many fewer facilities.

With growth come opportunities as well as threats and the Parish Council works hard to manage these tensions.

When large scale developments are approved they often include a contribution to community facilities and highway improvements. These are known as section 106 contributions but they are often not enough to fully fund the type of facilities that residents require.

The charts below show the expenditure for 2016/17 and the budget for 2017/18.