Bridgefield Bus Survey 2015

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One of the conditions imposed on the developers Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon by Ashford Borough Council prior to building Bridgefield 2 was funding (£260k) for a bus route.
The funding was specific to a service for Bridgefield.

Only one bus company, Stage Coach, has expressed an interest in running this service.

To facilitate the bus route the accommodation bridge was strengthened and parking restriction imposed on the proposed route.

Due to delays in providing this service resident have got used to parking on sections of the proposed route and enforcing it will now present them with a problem as there is limited parking in the area.

The question being asked is:

Are you supportive of the bus route as shown on the plan: Yes or No.

The results of the survey will be given to the Joint Transport Board that has responsibility over this matter.

The survey is set to close on Nov 12th at 5:30pm and will only allow it to be taken once from the IP address; to avoid multiple entries.

A map of the Bridgefield bus route area in question can be downloaded here;

To download the PDF copy of this survey, please click the download button below;