Bridgefield Update / Councillor Vacancy

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Dear Residents,

In a recent article in the Kentish Express a resident at Bridgefield incorrectly implied that Bridgefield residents do not have any direct representation on the Parish Council.

Bridgefield falls within the village ward so have the same level of representation as any other resident within that ward & two current members of the Parish Council live in Bridgefield and a former member of the Parish Council lives in Bridgefield.

Bridgefield also has a Borough and County Council representative as well as a local MP.

Topics relating to Bridgefield have dominated discussions at the Parish Council’s annual forums and unlike other parts of the Parish residents have received newsletters, surveys and updates on plans for Bridgefield.

Clearly for some residents this is not enough but as Parish Councillors are volunteers, 9 members representing over 11,500 residents and we have to work within our means.

We still have a vacancy in the Brisley Farm Ward but as no one has come forward to take on this role this places additional pressure on the other Members.

If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor, please contact the Parish Clerk, Len Bunn, for further details.

Parish Councils are an arm of Local Government and there is a requirement for Parish Councils to provide allotments for residents where there is an identified need. Kingsnorth Parish Council has an allotment waiting list so they are duty bound to identify suitable sites to meet this demand.

Sites across the Parish have been identified and dismissed for a variety of reasons but we continue to identify and evaluate opportunities as and when they arise and Bridgefield is one such opportunity.

Best regards


Chairman Kingsnorth Parish Council