Bridgefield update

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Dear Residents,

I have been away for some time and now catching up on correspondence.

I have been in contact with Ashford Borough Council regarding progress on the recreation area at Bridgefield and been advised that they are in the process of commissioning to an external consultant, the design and obtaining costings related to the possible features on the site such as the play area.

As ABC will be leading the consultation process I will summarise the comments received to date from the resident focus group and pass them over to ABC.

I will also circulate a copy to all members of the focus group and post it on the Kingsnorth Parish Council website.

If I have missed anything or not given sufficient priority to a point raised please take the opportunity to raise this direct with ABC once the consultation starts as you will all have your individual issues that may not be given the emphasis you want in the summary.

Thank you for taking the time to engage in the consultation process and I look forward to seeing the plans unfold.


Alison Breese
Chairman, Kingsnorth Parish Council.