Parish Budget 2018/2019

Kingsnorth is one of the largest parishes in Ashford and growing, with a population of over 11,500 it is larger than that of Tenterden Town Council.

The Parish Council is represented by 10 Parish Councillors who are all volunteers. 

We employ 6 members of staff, two full time and four on a part time basis. Of these staff members, three are office based and undertake the administration of the Parish Councils functions and three undertake our Caretaker / Handyman and cleaning services dealing with litter picking, in the areas we are responsible for, ground maintenance and general jobbing repairs and cleaning of the Pavilion.

In 2016 we undertook a Master Planning exercise with our key stakeholders, the Church, Ashford Borough Council, Kingsnorth School, Kingsnorth Recreation Centre and the Village Hall to identify what they felt was needed in the Parish, particularly around the village centre which was struggling to cope with increased traffic, parking and connectivity with the growing new communities in the Parish.

From these discussions we developed a phased Master Plan which included a new off-street car park, enhanced community and sports facilities and improved and enhanced open spaces and footpaths.

In 2017 we undertook the project management of the improvements to the Kingsnorth Recreation Centre and that project showed us how time consuming it is to take on big important projects, so we took the time to develop our new five-year business plan and identify what resources we needed to deliver it.

In addition to the Master Plan we will be taking over the management of the long-awaited Kestrel Park in Brisley and, when completed, potentially the management of the recreation area at Bridgefield which is currently under construction.

Members also want to enhance and upgrade our current green corridors to give them protection and improved connectivity and access.

The Caretaker/Handyman Service was piloted last year, in partnership with Great Chart with Singleton Parish Council, and we share the lease of a van and some tools and equipment. With the increased workload anticipated in the management of our green spaces we have evaluated the pilot and feel we have sufficient work to utilise the van full time and will be reviewing these arrangements with our neighbouring Parish Council.

The Kingsnorth Parish Council is the Custodial Trustee of the Kingsnorth Recreation Centre, owns and manages the Kingsnorth  Pavilion and playing fields, manages the MUGA and is actively improving and upgrading the key footpaths across the conservation fields to improve connectivity with Park Farm North and Bridgefiled, these works were delayed due to bad weather but will start in the spring.

Full details of the Master Plan and our Business Plan will be published on our website shortly and we will have our proposals on display at our Annual Parish meeting on 11th June.

A breakdown of how the precept is spent is shown in the pie chart.