Bus Route Survey Q&A

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Dear Residents of Bridgefield

The Parish Council has canvassed you all in regard to the proposed bus route through Bridgefield which goes over the accommodation bridge.

This has generated a healthy and lively debate but also additional workload for our Parish Clerk.

To save him answering the same questions repeatedly we have listed the frequently asked questions with answers.

Q1: Why is the Parish Council asking residents their views on the bus route?
A1: The Parish Council has been asked on several occasions by Borough Councillors to express an opinion about the proposed route as it falls within the Parish, we have declined as we do not have any remit over the provision of bus services.

We are however a representative forum for residents so we agreed to canvass the views of residents and pass these on to the Joint Transport Board (JTB) that does have responsibility for this service.

Q2: Is the Parish Council impartial, why get involved?
A2: Members of the Parish Council hold mixed and opposing views on this matter which is why we decided to seek the views of all residents who are directly affected by the proposal.

Q3: Why are we being asked to comment on a route when a decision has been made not to run a service on that route?
A3: The Chairman of the JTB, Paul Bartlett, wants to bring this issue to a conclusion and debate it at the next JTB in December as no decision has yet been made over an alternative route.

Q4: Why are only residents in Bridgefield being asked to participate in the survey?
A4: The Parish Council did debate who we should include but how you determine who will be affected by changes yet to be made would be speculative so we confined the survey to those for whom the service was specifically intended.

Q5: Why are we being asked to comment on only one option?
A5: Only one operator, Stagecoach, has expressed an interest in providing this service and the only route they will consider is the original one.

Q6: What will the Parish Council do with the results of the survey?
A6: The Parish Council will collate the results and identify the responses by post code and forward this to the JTB along with any other comments we have received. We will provide an explanation of the methodology used in selecting the question and who was invited to participate.

Q7: We are all being asked to comment on a service that may change over time, what is the review process?
A7: There are review processes in place which fall within the remit of the JTB, question on the detail of this should be directed to the JTB.

At the beginning of every Parish Council meeting we hold an open forum where members of the public can ask questions direct to Borough, County and Parish Councillors in attendance, Cllr Paul Bartlett has confirmed he will be in attendance so if you want to ask a specific question or speak please advise the clerk, Len Bunn, speakers are allowed 3 minutes to make their case.

We know this is a very emotive subject and that people feel very strongly about it which is why we wanted to listen to resident’s views so they have a voice in the process.

Please refrain from expressing your anger or concern in an aggressive and abusive way, particularly to the Parish Clerk/s, it undermines the debate and is offensive.

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