Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Community Orchard

As part of the Kingsnorth Parish Council contribution to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations it was decided to plant a Community Orchard. This has now been planted on part of the ‘Buffer Zone’. This is situated between the Village and Park Farm.


Community Orchard

The orchard has been established on pasture behind the Church and next to the playing fields.  It has several public footpaths crossing it and public access is available at all times.

Two apple trees were planted on the date of the Jubilee, June 2012, and later In February 2013 a further 58 trees were planted. The orchard is a mixture of apples, pears, plums, damsons, cherries, quinces and cobnuts. Scouts and Cubs, as well as parishioners, joined in this planting and a community event was held.

In October 2013, on the Harvest Festival Sunday, the Orchard was blessed, with a short outdoor service being held.


The Blessing

Cubs in Orchard

Scouts and Cubs helping with the planting









In Spring 2014 the trees started to blossom and a glorious sight was to be seen.  As the trees were so young, (2 years old), the blossom should have been removed, as the trees needed to put their energy into growing strong trunks and branches. The blossom was left on to allow residents to see the wonderful spring display.  Immediately the blossom was over the developing fruitlets were removed.  But the amount of fruit which started to develop bodes well for harvests in the future.

During the Summer of  2014, the grass between the trees was kept short and the weeds around the trees have been strimmed.  Cllr Cicconi , who farms the land, has handled this.  The trees have been monitored for signs of damage and disease.  Two have died and been replaced.  Fortunately there has been plenty of rain and the trees have continued to grow very well.

In the winter/spring 2014/15, most of the trees will require some pruning to ensure they grow into well balanced sturdy trees, eventually reaching 20 to 25 feet high, in 10 years time.

It has been suggested that the orchard may be put into a trust with other interested parties being involved. This possibility will be explored, by the Parish Council, during the coming year.