County Lines – Support Guidance

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As part of the Government’s ongoing commitment to tackle serious and violent crime, the Home Office has relaunched its County Lines awareness-raising campaign. County Lines is the term used to describe urban gangs supplying drugs to suburban areas, as well as market and coastal towns, by using dedicated mobile phone lines or “deal lines”. Gangs use children and vulnerable people to move drugs and money to these areas. Once caught up in County Lines, exploited individuals are at risk of extreme physical and/or sexual violence, gang recriminations and trafficking.

Our campaign aims to raise awareness about County Lines among frontline staff, like teachers, health workers and those working in the transport, housing and security sectors. It is these people who are most likely to encounter those young people or individuals who are most at risk.

With the right knowledge, staff will know how to spot potential victims and report concerns anonymously to Crimestoppers, or safeguard in line with their organisation’s safeguarding policy.

For information please downloadHO County Lines Partner Pack