New paths and bridleways are now open for rural walks and we hope to add to these in the near future.

Buffer Zone sign

The Buffer Zone

In the early 1990’s a number of rural footpaths were incorporated into the developed areas, resulting in the loss of rural walks and the open aspect which Kingsnorth had previously enjoyed.  The Parish Council felt it was essential to keep as many of the other rural paths as possible and create new ones through negotiations with the developers.  This resulted in the ‘Buffer Zone and Country Park’ being created.

The Westhawk development now has permitted access through the grazed land and it is hoped a new path will connect Brisley Farm through Westhawk to Kingsnorth and onto Park Farm and Bridgefield.  A number of residents keep horses in other villages instead of Kingsnorth because our roads are not safe to ride on.  By creating new bridlepaths, which incidentally are also footpaths, cycleways and jogging routes, these residents will be encouraged to find new accommodation for their horses in Kingsnorth.

The more these paths are used and the greater variety of users, will encourage ABC and KCC to create more new paths within the Parish. Residents will be able to explore and appreciate the beauty and character of where we all live.  Some of these new green areas have now been brought back into farming which increases the visual enjoyment of the walks.  A copy of all existing public rights of way routes is hung on the wall of the Parish Office in Kingsnorth Recreational Centre.  Anyone interested in these paths can view this map to see the opportunities that Kingsnorth has to offer.