Kingsnorth Community Cafe

Posted by on May 2nd, 2019 in Community News, Latest News | Comments Off on Kingsnorth Community Cafe

Following the Parish Council’s statement regarding the suspension of the Community Café that operated out of the Parish Council’s sports pavilion, a meeting has now taken place with the Café volunteers and representatives from the Parish Council to discuss events and what needs to be done to put the café on a sustainable and regulated footing.

Any monies taken for raffles, will be returned, an assets register completed and a review of stock undertaken.

Volunteers will reflect and consider what type of organisational structure they think would be appropriate based on the activities they want to undertake and the parish council will assist them in finding the right governance model and with the transitional arrangements.

Once the new parish council Manager has been appointed, one of their priorities will be the role and relationship the Café has with the Parish Council so there is clarity over who is responsible for what.

Residents will also be consulted over what they want from the Café and how it can be used to not only generate an income that supports community projects but provides a meeting place for residents and possibly undertake specific activities e.g. knit and natter, Chess and organised walks.

While we go through this process the café can be open for specific events.