Kingsnorth Green Development

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Dear Resident,


Following the public interest shown on social media and the call for public protest meetings, and the establishment of a resident’s association, Kingsnorth Parish Council (KPC) would like to make residents aware of the process that has to be followed for any new large development.

Residents are rightly concerned their environment and how developments could affect their way of life.   The Kingsnorth Green site is a prime example.

As the overall population increases there is an obvious demand for more housing.

In Ashford Borough several years ago there was a request by the Council for suitable sites to be put forward for development.   One of the sites that came forward was the land now known as Kingsnorth Green.   The merits of the site were duly considered by the planners and members of the Council and the site was put into the evolving new Local Plan.  During the Pubic Examination earlier this year objectors had the opportunity to put their views across to the Inspector. KPC also held public meetings to keep residents informed.  The Inspectors have considered the principle of the development and found it to be sound. Thus the principle of development of this site is established.

On 14th November at the Planning Committee the developers, Jarvis/Pentland Homes, had their outline application on the agenda. There was substantial debate on the application at which KPC also submitted their views.  The Planning Committee voted to approve the motion and the application was passed.

The next step is for the developers to arrange for a master-planning exercise, which would address all aspects of the future development. To which key stakeholders would be able to take part. After this, planning applications would be submitted, which would include precise details of each element of the whole development.

The outline planning application, before the committee on 14th Nov, for up to 550 new dwellings, (which was a reduction on the original scheme for 750) showed that there would be four centres of housing, open spaces; highways improvements at Smithfield cross roads and Queen’s Head cross roads, as well as the internal network of roads and junctions.   All matters governing main roads would be subject to Kent highways agreement.

In the parish council’s submission to the planning committee we asked for a masterplan event for all key stakeholders that looked at how Chilmington Green, Kingsnorth Green and Court Lodge all linked together so we could see the cumulative effect of these large-scale developments and make sure that connectivity and protection of green spaces was achieved.

Our priority now is to make these developments the best they can be for existing and new residents and to review how we currently communicate with residents, engage them in the process and keep them informed.

The parish council website and Facebook page will be our main communication channel with regular posts on Keep Kingsnorth Rural, but the latter is a resident’s forum and was set up specifically for residents to post information and to provide a platform for communication between themselves.

I met with the then Housing Minister, Dominic Raab, with the chair of Shadoxhurst parish council and our local MP Damian Green, to share parishes concerns about housing numbers proposed in the villages in Ashford and in particular sites that were submitted after the closing date for the local plan as some developers argued that Ashford had not met its housing targets and we were politely but firmly told that the numbers were not negotiable.

This is not where any of us wanted to be, but we do have the opportunity now to help shape what is being proposed.

Alison Breese

Chair KPC