Kingsnorth Parish Council – Local Plan Joint Committee (LPJC)

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Save the Date – 4th January 2018

In preparation for the Local Plan consultation process back in 2015 KPC established a Local Plan Joint Committee that would be the forum were residents and Parish Council members could work together to respond to the emerging Ashford Borough Council Local Plan.

As outline planning approval has been granted, subject to conditions, for Kingsnorth Green and Bridgefield and Court Lodge will soon follow now is an appropriate time to resurrect the LPJC.
A date for the meeting of the PLJC has been set for the 4th January 2019 at 7pm, venue the Small Hall at Kingsnorth Recreation Centre, agenda to follow. We want to explore better ways of presenting information, particularly plans and documents so will be testing if we can access the ABC planning portal and project supporting documents onto the wall of the Small Hall which is white.

We will invite the original members of the committee to the first meeting and the chair of the recently formed residents’ group, also looking for any resident with key skills and experience in planning, highways, drainage, ecology and communication to join the PLJC or subsidiary working groups. The PLJC is a sub committee of the Parish Council and will work within the Parish Councils’ terms of reference set for the committee. It is not a resident’s group/association but is a forum where such organisations can work with the Parish Council.


Local Plan Joint Committee