KPC Bridgefield Newsletter – October

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Dear Residents,

Now the holiday period is over we can start to plan some important consultation events that will directly affect you.

To help promote these events we have set up a Kingsnorth Parish Council Facebook page, and upgraded our website so we can conduct online surveys. In future information will be posted on our website and via our Facebook page so we can communicate with you quickly and economically. Notices will continue to be placed on the notice boards but if you know people who don’t have access to the internet please keep them informed and direct them to the Parish Clerk either by phone: 01233 502969 or at the Parish Office located in Kingsnorth recreation Centre, opening hours 10am- 1pm Monday to Friday.

Bus Route
We will be asking residents in Bridgefield if they are supportive of the proposed bus route as shown on the plan or not, the results will be submitted to the Joint Transport Boards who will decide if it goes ahead as originally planned .To complete the survey go to our website, closing date the 12th November 2015 or send in the tear off slip to the Parish Office.
This is not an area over which the Parish Council has any responsibility but as a representative forum for residents we feel we should gather your views on this issue.

Recreation Area
The results of the surveys are now in; key stakeholders like the Environment Agency and KCC have been consulted by ABC on technical matters so we are now in a position to consult with you on how we can deliver the wish list which includes a range of ideas put forward by residents and the Parish Council.
To help us scope this consultation exercise we are looking to set up a resident focus group that will help us frame the survey questions and identify the frequently asked questions so that people can participate in the exercise at a time that is convenient to them rather than rely solely on the traditional public meeting.
To ensure the focus group is representative we will be selecting applicants based on their age, family composition, and gender and where they live in Bridgefield so please supply this information so we can make an informed decision. If you are interested in becoming a member of this forum please contact the Parish Clerk, Len Bunn using the contact details above or via email .

Community Governance Review
Ashford Borough Council is in the process of reviewing current parish council areas and the number of parish councillors need to represent changing populations. Kingsnorth Parish Council has asked if Bridgefield can be included in this review as it currently falls with the Village Ward which is already very large. To follow what is happening contact for their updates.

Alison Breese, Chairman, Kingsnorth Parish Council.

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