Letter From Parish Clerk

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29th October 2015

Dear Resident

Thank you for your correspondence.

The Parish Council has been asked on several occasions by Cllr. Paul Bartlett, who is Ward Councillor for part of Bridgefield and now the current Chair of the Joint Transport Board (JTB), to express a view regarding the proposed bus route, we have consistently declined as we believe it to be a matter for Borough and County Councillors to resolve as we have no remit in this regard.

Paul needs the matter to be resolved by the JTB.

It is clearly an important issue for residents and there are compelling arguments on both sides for and against the route.

For these reasons the Parish Council offered to consult with residents on the proposed route and give the information to the JTB so they can bring this to a conclusion.

We were advised that only one operator, Stagecoach, had expressed an interest in providing this service and that they would only run a service on the proposed route so in effect there is no alternative route on offer. I have asked Paul to clarify these points in a briefing which we will post on our website and Facebook page as many residents are asking the same question.

Funding has been allocated to this service.

Although we have asked for a simple yes no response to the survey we will collate any other comments and submit them to the JTB.

I can assure you the Parish Council is neutral on this matter with some members holding opposing views which is why we felt residents should be empowered to inform this debate and that our role was to facilitate that process.

Please engage in the debate so we can pass on your concerns.


Len Bunn
Parish Clerk

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