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Kingsnorth Parish Councils response to Ashford Borough Council regarding the Local Plan

Statement from Kingsnorth Parish Council in response to the Draft Ashford Local Plan

General Comment. A large Scale Map of the proposed urban and urban fringe area is required. The maps provided do not give road names, making it difficult to identify exactly where development is proposed to occur.

Strategic Objectives

SP1 Strategic Objectives, P12
a) We support the objective to develop Brown field sites before Greenfield sites.
b) We support the objective to protect and enhance the existing historic and natural environment and biodiversity
e) We support the objective to provide and encourage the use of sustainable transport.
f) We support the intention to provide a wide variety of housing to meet the needs of an expanding population. E.g. housing for disabled, affordable, and downsizing.
We consider there should be a Strategic Policy to provide for Climate Change.
We welcome the statement in the text that while there are large areas of unspoilt countryside protected by statuary designations. Countryside not so protected should be valued in its own right.

SP2 The Strategic Approach to Housing Delivery, p22
The total housing requirement in the Borough is calculated as 14,680. Of which 2210 are proposed in Kingsnorth and Sevington. This is 66% of the total new allocations (3365) on new allocated sites. The Parish Council considers this to be an unfair proportion of the whole. Especially when the enormous quantity of houses, (approx.5000) already built in the Parish is considered. Kingsnorth Parish Council considers that Chilmington Green could deliver more than 2500 houses by 2030.

We welcome that a third large scale area of development is rejected.  The relatively small area of Court Lodge is supported by the Parish Council but we consider that the number should be reduced.

SP3 Strategic Approach to Economic Delivery, p28
We consider that the provision of high speed broad band access should be available to all new workplaces in rural areas as a priority.

SP6 Promoting High Quality Design, p40
It has long been the Policy to produce high quality design in new developments. This has not been universally achieved.  Kingsnorth Parish Council considers that an Enquiry by Design Workshop should be held for Court Lodge. This is especially important as Kingsnorth does not have either a village design statement or a neighbourhood plan.

We consider that all new houses should have solar panels.  This will minimise the proliferation of solar farms on agricultural land.

We consider that high quality design should also apply to landscape between buildings and green infrastructure.

Topic Policies

Section A-Housing p165

HOU1 affordable housing, p167
Kingsnorth does not have any affordable housing designated for local residents. But it is noted that 30% of new housing should be provided as “affordable/ specialist”.  We consider that such housing should remain affordable in perpetuity and not be allowed to become” full market value “in the future.
We consider that there should not be an allocation for exclusive houses.  Especially under this heading

HOU2 Local Needs/specialist housing, p171
The Council support proposals to bring forward housing for “specialist housing “especially smaller housing to allow for “down-sizing”.     Considered Sound

HOU4 Residential development in rural settlements, p174
We note that Stubbs Cross and Steeds Lane settlements are not named in HOU4.   Therefore that the existing policy of no new housing in these settlements will be continued.

HOU5 Residential windfall developments in the countryside, p177
Windfalls, the Parish Council supports the criteria for assessing non-isolated windfall sites in rural settlements.  We consider that existing buildings which no longer fulfil their original purpose could be converted into dwellings.

HOU6 Self Build, p178
This Policy is supported as it is in accordance with government policy that there should be opportunity for self-build and custom build housing within large sites. Considered Sound

HOU7, p180
This policy is supported provided that the criteria listed are met and is sound.

HOU8, p181
This policy is supported and considered sound

HOU9, p182
This policy is supported and considered sound

HOU10, p183
The Parish Council object to this policy, gardens should not be regarded as brownfield sites in rural areas where substantial gardens contribute to the visual amenity of a neighbourhood.

HOU15, p189
Minimum length of garden of 10m is inadequate for larger family homes.

HOU 16 new traveller’s sites
Consideration should be given to identifying brown field sites for such provision as this works effectively elsewhere, e.g. Thamesmead.

HOU17, p193
Support, considered sound

EMP1, p195
Support, considered sound

EMP6, p203
Support, considered sound

EMP10, p208
Support, considered sound


TRA1 Strategic Transport Schemes, p214
The Parish Council consider the Pound Lane Link Road from Chilmington Green, via Long Length to the SOR to be of the utmost importance to the Parish.  Its function to prevent the overwhelming congestion on the existing roads in the area which will occur if the proposed development in the Parish is permitted.  Britannia Way is of especial concern.  This is especially important where the traffic from Chilmington Green is concerned.
The developers of this site do not consider that traffic generated by the site will impact on Kingsnorth but will use the A28 as the preferred route out of the site.  This the Parish Council disputes. 

TRA3a p218 Parking in residential areas
The Parish Council considers that the parking allocation for large houses i.e. 4-beds + is too little if the provision of a garage is not regarded as a parking space.  The Parish Council has also found that parking courts where the parking is divorced from the front of the house are not used.  These should not be part of any design.  Adequate parking for visitors should be provided.  Parking should be restricted at key road junctions, e.g. the junction of Church Hill and Ashford d crossroads.

TR4 p 220 local bus network p220
This policy is supported.  It is essential that an efficient bus network on the new estate is provided early on in the development and the roads designed for this use. This will encourage use of the buses and decrease car use.

TRA5 p221 Planning for Pedestrians
It is essential that safe and practical routes for pedestrians and cyclists are provided.

TRA6 p222
This policy is supported and considered sound

TRA7 p222
It is essential that HGV are prohibited from small rural roads. This includes conditions on the movement of construction traffic.

The Natural and Built Environment

The Parish Council strongly supports the enlarged Ashford Green Corridor and considers the green buffers created between the village and the hamlets of Stubbs Cross and Steeds Lane must be protected from development in perpetuity

This road and the link to Chilmington Green is very important to Kingsnorth as it will offer an alternative route from Chilmington Green to junction 10.  It will protect the existing roads which are already subject to congestion from rat running.  These roads should be built as soon as possible once the Chilmington Green development proceeds.  Adequate traffic management arrangements must be put in place before development begins. 

ENV 1p230
This policy is supported and considered sound.

ENV 2 p230
The protection and enhancement of the Ashford Green corridor is supported. The extension of the Green corridor to the Kingsnorth Area is strongly supported.  It is essential that the green corridor is protected from development in perpetuity.

ENV4 p234
This policy is supported and considered sound.
It is essential that in areas outside the designated Dark Skies Area that light pollution is kept to a minimum…

ENV5, p235
This policy is supported and considered sound.

ENV6, p237
This policy is supported and considered sound.

ENV7, p238
This policy is supported and considered sound.

ENV9, p243
This policy is supported and considered sound.

ENV10, p246 Renewable and low Carbon economy
The Parish Council considers that all new developments should have PV panels on roofs where they will be efficient. This to restrict the development of Solar Farms on good agricultural land.

Sites Policies in Kingsnorth

All sites in this section must be subject to Archaeological assessment. This area has already produced a new roman town and an Iron Age settlement; Bronze Age artefacts have been found in Magpie Hall Rd.  The potential for further finds is very high.
They should include SUDS drainage as the whole area is on heavy clay and does not drain easily.

S3 p51 Court Lodge, up to 950 houses, a new strategic road layout, a new village centre to server both this site and the Washford Farm estate.
This site is supported by the Parish Council and also by the residents that attended the two workshops that were held by the Parish Council, see Appendix 1, subject to a satisfactory master plan being produced.   The number of 950 houses is too high for this site and a reduction in numbers should be considered. The Parish Council suggests that an Enquiry by Design workshop be held to ensure that the local residents have a say in the design and layout.
The site connects to the Washford Farm estate, this estate built 37 years ago, has no facilities of its own.  It does not connect to the village facilities. A small village centre with a school, shops and medical centre would be very helpful to residents in this area.
We suppose that the development will be built in phases but request that the new road, known as the Pound Lane Link, will be part of the first phase.  This road will be essential if complete chaos on the existing road network is to be avoided.
The development of the southern area of the site as a green space and part of the Ashford Green Corridor is welcome and supported.  To form part of the Discovery Park on Chilmington Green is also welcomed and the intention to form the Green Necklace as set out in the Core Strategy 2008 is particularly welcome.   The details of the aims and opportunities of this area will need to be set out in a master plan.  This could lead to a swath of protected, connected countryside. Part of a wider network of protected corridors for wildlife, linking to the Rivers Medway, Stour and Beult.
The southern area of this site is flood plain with many ponds containing protected species, this presents an opportunity to provide wetlands and other habitats along the White Water dyke.  Also to help prevent flooding it the urban areas.

S4 Land north of Steeds Lane and Magpie Hall Road 350 houses in total on both sides of the Ashford Road
The Parish Council and many of the residents object to this site.  350 houses is a lot of new dwellings in a block of land which does not have any real reason to be developed.  It is too small to have any facilities but will produce much traffic which will add to the already congested Ashford Road and the rural roads which run-through it.
The tentative suggestion that a further area of search south of Steeds Lane should not be given as a reason to develop this land.  Inclusion of this possibility will encourage urban creep and it should not be referred to in this policy.

S5 Land south of Pound Lane. Up to 100 dwellings with links to Court Lodge.
This site is supported with the following comments:

  1. This bullet point has caused considerable confusion with residents as to the arrangements for the access and exit on Pound Lane.  The Parish Council consider that the Kingsnorth cross roads should be provided with traffic lights even if Pound Lane is stopped after Riverside Close.
  2. This is supported
  3. It is very important that the existing houses in Pound lane have significant visual protection from the new development.  This to be secured by way of the development plan.
  4. This bullet point is supported.

S14 250 Houses with part of site on flood plain and an extension of the Green corridor on Eastside of the site
The Parish Council support this site subject to adequate access and the existing road upgraded to a crossroads.

S15 Finberry North West 300 house plus some industrial
The Parish Council supports this site and considers it sound.


Len Bunn
Parish Clerk / RFO
Kingsnorth Parish Council

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