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Help Make Your Community Safer

Kent Police is recruiting now for Police Support Volunteers.

You could make a real difference to your community.

A new Challenge
Use your skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to help provide a first class service protecting and serving the people of Kent. Take on exciting roles alongside Police professionals that fit around you and the time you can spare.

Volunteer roles include:
• helping with local policing
• assisting front counters
• Neighbourhood Watch support
• general administration, such as updating databases, supporting CID and other departments.
• role-playing during police training
• ……..and many more roles

Volunteers must:
• be over 18 years old
• have more than three years’ permanent and continuous UK residence
• live or work in Kent

Parish Council Meeting 13th August 2019 at 19.00

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Open Forum – This is an opportunity for Parishioners to speak or ask questions. If you wish to speak, please contact the Parish Manager on 01233 502969 at least four days in advance of the meeting. Please give details of the subject you wish to raise.

Park Farm Playground Project – Family Fun Day

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Come along to the Park Farm park to celebrate the installation of two new pieces of equipment which have been paid for from money donated by the local community. 

Saturday 27th July 2019 

1100 – 1500 

Bouncy Castle, Crepes, Stalls and Games. 

Park Farm Playground Project Family Fun Day

Park Farm Monthly Litter Pick

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Support the Park Farm Playground Project with a monthly litter pick every 1st Sunday of the month from 10-11am

Meet in the car park at park farm park at 10am. 

Monthly Litter Pick Leaflet Poster

Kingsnorth Parish Council Walk – 19/06/2019

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Local Plan Joint Committee Meeting

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Kingsnorth Local Plan Joint Committee


The next meeting of Kingsnorth Local Plan Joint Committee will be held on Thursday 27th June 2019


Formal start at 1900 in the Kingsnorth Pavilion, Church Hill, Kingsnorth

Doors open at 18.30 with items on display for informal discussion



  1. Welcome 
  1. Apologies 
  1. Declarations of Interest 
  1. Election of Chair

(for single meeting under existing standing orders, orders will be reviewed at next Kingsnorth Parish Council Meeting) 

  1. Approval of Minutes of 28th January 2019 
  1. Topics for discussion-
  • What planning applications can we expect within the parish over the next 4 years
  • What tools are available to residents and the Parish Council to influence the formation of those plans and their determination at planning committee
  • We can expect the Local Plan review to begin within the next 4 years, likely much sooner. How can we best influence the outcome of that process with the resources available?
  • What would we like LPJC to achieve over the next 4 years 
  1. Given the discussions: –
    1. What recommendations can the group make to Kingsnorth Parish Council now, if any
    2. What areas require further research and may then come back to either LPJC or KPC, if any
    3. Can we map out an approximation of when we may expect these issues to arise and therefore what actions are to be prioritised
    4. Is ‘Local Plan Joint Committee’ an appropriate name for the group undertaking this work or should we consider alternatives e.g. ‘Planning Kingsnorth – Joint Committee’ 
  1. Consider authorising the Chair to undertake actions involved in researching issues raised 
  1. Items for Next Agenda



Kingsnorth School Summer Fete

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Sunday 30th June – Fete 11.30 – 3.00pm

School Fete Poster 2019

Daisy Washington Memorial Fund Fete

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Saturday 29th June – 10am till 2pm

Daisy Washington MF Fete

Anti-Social Behaviour

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Nuisance Bikes

Whether these are electric scooters, quad, mini moto, hover boards, mopeds, or trial bikes, here is some clarification around some of the rules on these from Kent Police.

These can also be found on the Kent Police Website

Can my child use their electric scooter/bike, quad, mini moto, hoover board or Segway on the road or pavement?

All the above are all examples of vehicles that may be considered in legal terms to be mother vehicles and are therefore subject to all the usual legal requirements that apply to cars or motorcycles e.g. tax, insurance, registration and driving license. They cannot therefore be used on a road unless they conform to the law and many such vehicles will never be ‘road legal’ as their design fails to meet UK or EC road vehicle standards. Furthermore, such vehicles cannot legally be used on the pavement either, in fact the only place they can be used is on private land with landowner’s permission. If the land is owned by the council it is unlikely they will have given permission for them to ride on their land either.

If such vehicles are used on the road/ pavements by young people, not only may the rider be committing a number of offences but their parents may also face prosecution for aiding and abetting or permitting the offence.

If you know the details of a youth that is driving any of these on the pavements or roads, then please contact us. The police have a new Meereen of powers to deal with the use of such vehicles, these include the seizure of the vehicle under section 165A of the Road Traffic Act 1988 (power to seize vehicles driven without a licence or insurance) or section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002 (seizure of vehicles used in the manner causing alarm, distress or annoyance).

There are always youths on motor bikes/ mopeds and in cars screeching up and down the road, it is very dangerous, what can the police do?

It is important for us to obtain as much information as possible with regards to the details of the car/ bike and also the driver / rider and passengers. You do not have to disclose your details to the police if you are fearful of reprisals. It is best to contact the police as so. As the cars / bikes arrive so that the police have a better chance of apprehending those responsible. You can report it via the non- emergency number 101 or via report a crime.

Other things that get reported to us are Anti-social behaviour

Types of issues covered by the term anti-social behaviour are:

  • Noise and rowdy behaviour – this doesn’t include children playing or DIY noise unless at an unreasonable time of day/night.
  • Vandalism
  • Graffiti, litter and fly tipping
  • Noisy or intimidating dog
  • Misuse of fireworks, fires being started
  • Drug dealing, taking drugs or drinking alcohol in the street
  • Harassment, intimidation or threatening behaviour
  • Nuisance neighbours

Together with Kent Fire and Rescue Service, councils and other public and voluntary organisations, we use our powers to get to the root of the problems and take action.

Who do you contact?

While we are responsible for tackling some aspects of anti – social behaviour, your local council deals with:

  • Noise (including loud music from parties, neighbours, alarms, animals).
  • abandoned vehicles
  • Graffiti
  • fly tipping

All other issues 

If a crime is in progress or in an emergency call 999. For non- urgent issues report a crime via 101 or on the report a crime, or Ashford Borough Council

Inside Track 258

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Download the latest edition of the “Inside Track” newsletter produced by Kent County Council which contains the latest information on national, regional and local sources of funding.

Download the PDF copy of this newsletter here.