Statement From Paul Bartlett, KCC, JTB, Re: Bridgefield

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Proposals for parking restrictions were put to the Joint Transportation Board in December 2014 and it was resolved ahead of a final decision that Officers from Ashford Borough Council and Kent County Council should review the proposed restrictions. Following that review the proposals will come back to the Joint Transportation Board in December 2015. As part of the review Paul Bartlett, chairman of the Joint Transportation Board, has asked that Kingsnorth Parish Council be consulted on their view on the proposal to extend the bus route. The view of Kingsnorth Parish Council would be welcomed by the chairman as the matter is wholly within Kingsnorth Parish and it is important that all stakeholders are given the opportunity to express a view. The survey is an ideal way that residents can contribute and it is desirable that Kingsnorth Parish Council, Ashford Borough Council and Kent County Council each influence this important decision for the parish.

Ashford Borough Council’s Cabinet Meeting in July 2014 considered an alternative route of running the service down Church Hill but that was rejected because cost savings were negligible whereas journey times were significantly increased. Other routes such as a route through Violet Way/Finn Farm Road are likely to be discussed at the December JTB. Also at the July 2014 meeting Ashford Borough Council agreed to fund Kent County Council with up to £255k out of Ashford Borough Council’s Strategic Planning Gain Budget on the basis that the proposed bus route would create a better place to live, ease pressures on the road network, reduce reliance on the private motor car, encourage public transport use and provide public transport to an area without any provision. Furthermore, Ashford Borough Council’s planning committee in April 2006 placed an obligation to provide a direct bus route linking Park Farm to Bridgefield and Finberry (then called Park Farm East and Cheesemans Green respectively), this bus route is part of that requirement as is the link road from Damara Way to Finberry on which work is expected to start in 2016. That planning meeting required the bus route to follow a critical path that optimises the number of properties that it serves and the use of the accommodation bridge (following satisfactory engineering reports) was specifically noted welcomed by the committee which would support this aim.