Update on status if the Local Plan

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It is two years since the review of the Local Plan started with a call for housing sites. Many areas in Kingsnorth were put forward by landowners as possible places for housing to be built.
Since then we have had workshops from ABC but at no time were we told which sites could be chosen.

The time is now approaching when we will find out what the proposals from the planners are.

The draft Local Plan will be on the agenda for the next meeting of the Ashford Cabinet meeting, 9th of June. The Local Plan will be for the whole Borough and we will want to see that Kingsnorth has not been unfairly burdened with extra houses. Other topics will also be part of the Local Plan and these also need to be considered. The agenda for this meeting will be on the ABC website several days before the meeting on the 9th, but details of the plan may not be given, they may still be subjudice.

After this meeting the Plan will go out for consultation, the exact date is not known so keep an eye open for the announcement on the ABC website. Once the start of the consultation period is known , it will run for 6-8 weeks, the Parish Council will be organising workshops for residents to come and find out the details and to express their views. These dates cannot be organised until we have firm information about the consultation period they will be advertised on the website, facebook Parish Notice boards and in the press.

Hilary Moorby